20th June 2024

On June 20th, 20224, TECNALIA celebrated the Harshlab day with tests in their floating laboratory Harshlab through use cases executed for their clients since its installation in the summer of 2018.

During the meeting, María Alonso and Pablo Benguria briefly presented the characteristics and potential applications of the HarshLab, and the environment in which it is located (BiMEP).

Next, two strategic R&D projects financed by the Basque Government were presented:

NaturSea-PV project was also presented to end with a series of presentations in which representatives of NAUTILUS, HEMPEL, ERREKA, LUMIKER, DRAGADOS and DITREL explained the tests carried out, the results obtained, and why to test in A real offshore environment like the HarshLab has given a boost to its innovative activity and a competitive advantage.

Among the topics discussed during the day:

  • The future of ocean energies.
  • Sensors as a basic tool to reduce the cost of any structure in the offshore environment.
  • The potential of floating photovoltaics.
  • The challenges that the new demands for survival at sea pose for materials for offshore wind power.

The day ended with a boat visit to HarshLab, anchored 1.6 miles from the port of Armintza.

Here are some pictures of the event!