6 December 2023

During its first year of operations, the NATURSEA-PV project achieved significant milestones in its mission to enhance the reliability and longevity of marine substructures for Offshore Floating Photovoltaics (PV). 

The project’s main objectives are to develop an innovative conceptual concrete substructure, research and create new circular materials and treatments, enhance predictive computational tools for durability aspects, conduct rigorous testing and validation of developed materials, components, and computational tools in realistic conditions, and ensure compatibility with socio-economic activities while maximizing sustainable impact in line with the Mission Healthy Oceans. 

For more details on our approach and mission, check out the project’s video below: 


2023 Updates

Public Kick-Off Workshop (15 March 2023)

NATURSEA-PV organized a public kick-off in Amsterdam targeted to stakeholders with the aim of providing a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange.  

Explore the event’s highlights in our video on the website, showcasing advancements in new materials, a computational toolkit, and a bio-inspired design for offshore floating photovoltaic substructures. 

We are glad to mention that two projects financed in the same topic of NATURSEA-PV, attended our Kick-Off meeting: PLOTEC and Surewave. Creating synergies and collaboration is a key priority for all EU-funded projects and all NATURSEA-PV’s partners are committed to it as a key value.  

Group photo Kick-off meeting natursea-pv

New Partnership

We are thrilled to announce that IST-ID (Associação do Instituto Superior Técnico para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento) has joined NATURSEA-PV as a new partner. As a founding associate of IST-ID, they bring valuable expertise to the project and will lead significant tasks: from the design basis of the environmental conditions to be considered for the offshore PV installations as well as the design of the possible mooring configurations to the study on the structural reliability of the floating PV structures and the identification of possible sites for commercial exploitation after the identification of a planning and regulatory requirements. 

Milestone Achievement

The project has successfully completed milestone n.1 “Requirements, KPIs and planning”, preparing the foundations for excellence in meeting all legal requirements, communications goals and project management plans, and milestone n.2 “Selection of raw materials”, setting the groundwork to achieve the future project objectives. Check out the workplan page for status updates!

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