Last week, on January 16, UPV/EHU-POLYMAT welcomed a group of enthusiastic high school students from “Arizmendi Ikastola” school to their research facility. The visit provided an excellent opportunity for these young minds to explore the exciting world of scientific research and innovation. 

During their visit, our researchers had the pleasure of explaining the various projects conducted in the labs, offering the students insights into the cutting-edge work being carried out at UPV/EHU-POLYMAT. A special highlight of the day was the presentation of the NaturSea-PV Project, where our researcher, Aitor Barquero, shared valuable information about the project’s objectives and significance. 

This interaction not only showcased the commitment of UPV/EHU-POLYMAT to fostering scientific curiosity but also inspired the young visitors to consider the exciting possibilities within the realm of research and innovation. 


School “Arizmendi Ikastola”