In a recent collaboration with the local television network of the Basque Country, EITB, UPV/EHU-POLYMAT took center stage on the science program “Teknolpolis.” The episode aired last month offered viewers a glimpse into the fascinating world of scientific advancements, with a particular focus on waterborne coatings and the imperative shift towards bio-based alternatives.

Our esteemed researcher, Jose Ramón Leiza, played a crucial role in the program, joining a lineup of distinguished researchers to discuss the significance of waterborne coatings and their pivotal role in the NaturSea-PV Project. Jose Ramón Leiza’s expertise and insights gave viewers a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with bio-based waterborne coatings.

For those who missed the broadcast, the link to the Teknolpolis program featuring UPV/EHU-POLYMAT and Jose Ramón Leiza can be found below. Dive into the world of scientific exploration and innovation as we continue to contribute to sustainable solutions in the coatings field.


Watch the episode here