19 November 2022

On November 3, 2022 we celebrated the kick off meeting of a new and challenging project: NOVEL ECO-CEMENTITIOUS MATERIALS AND COMPONENTS FOR DURABLE, COMPETITIVE, AND BIO-INSPIRED OFFSHORE FLOATING PV SUBSTRUCTURES (NaturSea-PV).

The main objectives of NaturSea-PV are the development of new materials (eco-Ultra-High-Performance-Concrete and bio-based coatings), a computational toolkit for durability and performance prediction, and a bio-inspired design for a floating offshore photo-voltaic sub-structure; not to forget the assessment of the potential impact of the large scale deployment of this type of facility on the environment and the socio-economic activities taking place at the sea and coastal areas. The budget of the project is € 3.230.444, and its consortium is composed of 11 partners from 7 different countries, including 5 members of the LTC-Green Concrete: I2M-UBX, UPV/EHU, Polymat, CFM-CSIC, and Tecnalia who is also the coordinator of the project.