12 February 2024

Edurne Erkizia, the Project Coordinator of NATURSEA-PV at Tecnalia, recently participated in the LTC-Sarea Meeting held in Biarritz. This gathering, hosted at “Le Connecteur,” brought together the LTC Sarea community, representatives of the Basque government, and stakeholders from both universities.

The meeting served as a platform for researchers to showcase the progress and achievements in their respective scientific fields. It provided an invaluable opportunity for students, PhDs, and post-doctoral researchers to present scientific posters, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration.

During the poster session, Dr. Erkizia presented the NATURSEA-PV Project, highlighting its innovative contributions to sustainable energy solutions. Her presentation garnered attention and sparked insightful discussions among attendees.

We are proud to see NATURSEA-PV gaining visibility and recognition within the scientific community. Stay tuned for more updates on our project’s journey and impact!