NATURSEA-PV Public kick-off workshop

Novel eco-cementitious materials and components for durable, competitive, and bio-inspired offshore floating PV substructures



Sara Attanà

Sara Attanà is the Coordinator of the Dissemination and Communication team of the Business Unit European Funding Development of Warrant Hub S.p.A. After a BSc in Communication Science and a Master in Business Management, she has been Marketing and Communications Assistant for Cesari srl and Web Designer, Social Media Manager and SEO Specialist for the IT company ITquadro srl. Since 2017, she is Dissemination and Communication Consultant, Web Designer and Graphic Designer in Warrant Hub. She’s currently involved in the dissemination and communication of more than 50 H2020, Horizon Europe and LIFE projects; her activity includes the development of project websites, organization of events and trainings, social media management, graphic design, and EU project reporting. She’s the winner of the 2020 .eu web awards as “Best Project Website” for SINTEC project website.

Dr. Juan J. Gaitero

Deg. Physics (2002), Ph.D. Materials Engineering (2008). He is senior researcher in the group of Constructio & Bio-based productos of Tecnalia. He has over 20 years of experience in project management and research in the field of construction materials and nanotechnology. Along this time, he has taken part in numerous regional, national and international research projects funded by both private companies and public institutions. Currently he is the coordinator of an EU funded project (NATURSEA-PV: 101084348) and Tecnalia’s Principal Investigator in 2 more (NRG-STORAGE: 870114; and MIRACLE: 964450). His main fields of expertise are cement composites, hydrothermal and supercritical fluids nanoparticles synthesis processes, application of nanomaterials in construction materials, and multi-scale characterization techniques. As results of his research work Dr. Gaitero has authored 31 publications and 3 patents. He has also taken part in many conferences all over the world and supervised 2 PhD theses.

Esteban Camacho

Esteban Camacho

Esteban Camacho is a Doctor in Civil Engineering with more than 10 years of expertise in UHPC, a material that allows to design durable structures with less resources. Co-founder of the engineering company RDC and the precast company PREFFOR, Esteban’s vision is to introduce this material in sectors as industry, renewable energies, and blue economy, where its performance can face challenges that traditional materials can’t. Esteban has participated in several H2020 projects and has coordinated the EMFF project OpenMode.

Neven Ukrainczyk

Neven Ukrainczyk

Neven Ukrainczyk leads since 2015 a Research Team at TU Darmstadt (Germany) and lectures in RILEM Computational Methods course and Building Chemistry. Neven’s motivation is to improve sustainability of construction materials, with 23 years of materials engineering experience he has worked at TU Delft (Marie Curie grant), TU Graz, Uni Zagreb and UFRJ Brazil. Specializing in building chemistry, he likes to combine measurement with computational multiscale approaches for designing and improving mineral binders and concrete, the most used building material in the modern world. Neven generated some recognition leading national and EU research projects, and international Technical Committees. He is an avid guitar and piano player.


Niall Dunphy

Niall Dunphy is a transdisciplinary researcher and educator who has over two decades experience working at the intersection of science and engineering with the social sciences and humanities, focusing in particular on people’s relationship with energy and the energy system.  Niall is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Engineering and Architecture and Environmental Research Institute, University College Cork. Currently, he is coordinator of an EU funded project (EnergyMeasures: 894759), UCC’s principal investigator on a further five (REALISE: 884266; ACCEPT: 957781; X-ROTOR: 101007135; ENCLUDE: 101022791; EUB SuperHub: 101033916), and co-principal investigator on two more (NATURSEA-PV: 101084348; SafeWAVE: 101000175). Additionally, Niall is the lead Irish participant on the IEA UsersTCP Gender & Energy Task, and the Science Communication Coordinator of SHiFT Cost Action on Transformation and Climate Resilience. He is a member of multiple international research consortia and networks, and has authored in excess of 80 research reports, book chapters and peer-reviewed articles.

Inigo Mendikoa

Iñigo Mendikoa

MSc Mechanical Engineering (ETSI Bilbao, UPV/EHU), MSc General Physics (U.N.E.D.); MSc and PhD in Space Science and Technology (ETSI Bilbao, UPV/EHU) Tecnalia Research&Innovation. Since 2013 in Offshore Renewable Energy area in projects related to floating offshore wind and wave energy, mainly focused on the design and optimization of mooring systems and new materials for offshore environment. Floating offshore wind activity is mostly focused on Tecnalia semisubmersible platform design NAUTILUS, including platform and mooring design for different sites as well as research on numerical modelling approaches. Research on new materials for offshore environment including material testing at real environmental conditions in Tecnalia floating laboratory HarshLab.


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